October Special

Price: 60.00 USD
This is an amazing deal. The CBD patches retail for $40 alone! I know you guys are going to love this product so I want to offer you a chance to try them at a very low price! October Box ... If you have Vaginal burning, this box is for you! 2 CBD Bath Bombs 1 Coochie Oil 1 Pelvic Pain Panty 1 box CBD Heat patches (5) 1 pack Pelvic Pain Patches (4) 1 pack herbal Pantyliners (10) 1 pack Cactus Crotch Pantyliners (10) 1 pack Coochie Cooling Pantyliners (18)

Cranky Crotch Box

Price: 95.00 USD
*Please note this package will require additional postage “ Crank Crotch “ Box I use every single one of these products! The Pantyliners have been a life changer! 1 pair @pelvicpainpanties ( you can swap the panties for Coochie Oil if you want), 10 Coochie Cooling Wipes, 4 Coochie Pelvic Pain Patches, 5 CBD Pain patches, 18 @coochiecoolers Pantyliners , 10 Cactus Crotch Pantyliners , 10 Chinese Herbal Flare Pantyliners and 1 packet of D- mannose powder from @westcoastmint $95.00 plus postage US Shipping Only ! #pelvicpain #pelvicpainawareness #vaginalpain #endopain #menstrualpain #fibromyalgia #endometriosis #vaginalburning #interstitialcystitis #interstitialcystitisawareness #lichenssclerosis #vulvodynia

Anion pantyliners 240ct

Price: 60.00 USD
240ct Anion Pantyliners Mint Scented & 50 Coochie Cooler Wet Wipes! 1.Magnetic:Removes Fatigue 2.Negative ions:regulating the body balance function, sterilization , Alleviate dysmenorrhea 3.Far infrared:Improves Metabolism , Alleviates dysmenorrhea Diminished Inflammation,sterilizes,Promotes blood circulation, Oxygen far IR and anion sanitary napkin 1. Active Oxygen  Active Oxygen is taken from nature, in a certain concentration it can be converted into oxygen, no residue, will not form a secondary pollution, it is to be known as the cleanest antioxidants and disinfectants. Active Oxygen with strong oxidation, it can be completely destroy bacterial virus; can prevent the abnormal growth and make you feeling natural and fresh. An active Oxygen chip absorbs a large number of water molecules, a role in the release of Oxygen gas molecules so that bacteria and viruses combined with Oxygen will change molecular structure of energy transfer, prompt resumption of clean, refreshing physical environment, to achieve personal health menstrual Care, and effective use of anti-bacteria. 2. Anion =Negative ion Anion is believed to be a natural relief fact against environmental and biological pollutants. Nick named as vitamins of the air.When the content of negative ion in the air up to 5000 each CM3, it can enhance immunity and antibacterial capability, relieve tension, reduce irritation, remove unpleasant odors, eliminate the effect of fatigue, improve endocrine and enhance metabolism, so every women can enjoy a healthy, hygiene and comfortable sensation. Green anion strip which can be seen in this sanitary napkin contains 6100 anions each cubic cm. 3. Far Infrared Far infrared ray as an essential element for living beings far infrared ray in sunlight is called light wave of life. It is similar with  the far infrared ray from the human body. It can produce the most efficient resonance with cells in living beings, has good penetration performance, it can effectively promote growth of animals and plants. The compound anion strip can absorb heat from the body and outside air and convert into far infrared, to radiate the human body, improve micro circulation, repair damage, and activate cells to promote healing! Great for Interstitial Cystitis!

Peppermint Pussy

Price: 15.00 USD
Peppermint Pussy Box 20 Sensitive Mint Pantyliners with anion chip 20 Coochie cooling wipes 1 Coochie a Cooler Oil Apply 3 drops or More of Coochie oil to center strip of pantyliner for extra cooling! *Coochie oil is 100% Organic Contains - coconut oil, myrrh oil, red clover, evening primrose and peppermint

Sacral Box

Price: 34.49 USD
50 Sensitive Mint Pantyliners 50 Coochie cooling Wipes 4 Sacral Love Bladder Patches - place over belly button *loose packed single use items * this box requires additional shipping $11.20 Price will be adjusted when invoiced


Price: 24.49 USD
COOCHIE BOX 50 Sensitive Mint Pantyliners & 50 COOCHIE Cooling Wipes! $24.49 *loose packed single use items * shipping for this item is $11.20

CBD Bath Box

Price: 10.00 USD
1 Skin a Healer 35mg CBD Bath bomb 1 Pain a Relief 35mg CBD Bath bomb 1 Buzzin Honey CBD Soap Bar

CBD Bath Box

Price: 10.00 USD
1 Skin Healer 35mg CBD Bath bomb 1 Pain a Relief 35mg CBD Bath Bomb 10 Buzzin Honey CBD Soap Balls 10 Asshole CBD Soap Balls

Goodie Bags

Price: 40.00 USD
Goodie Bags This is how this works! Each bag will range from $10-$40 You tell me what 2 items you want and I will match the appropriate goodie bag. (Please list items of choice in the comment section) I will not take orders in the comments . Please zoom in and see what’s in the bags ! $40 May seem high for some of these but they do have CBD in them. I will adjust the price of your goodie bag when I send you the invoice.

Our With a Bang Box

Price: 75.00 USD
“ Out With a Bang “ Box this box requires extra postage $9.30 to ship This is a $132 value for $75 This box contains: 1 pain all over stick 1 like a virgin CBD oil 1 CBD eczema oil 1 CBD massage oil 1 CBD nasal inhaler 1 Mother Nature Hemp Stick 1 she devil oil 1 Firecrotch Oil 1 asshole soap stick

Good Karma Box

Price: 15.00 USD
Good Karma Post- op box 10 Sensitive Mint Pantyliners 10 COOCHIE Cooling swipes 1 Hemp lip balm 1 Good Karma necklace

Feelin Good Box

Price: 50.00 USD
This is a great deal! The Vape pen alone is $42

Great Balls of Fire Box

Price: 15.00 USD

Coochie Post-op Panty Liners 20ct

Price: 6.99 USD
20ct Mint infused Post-op Pantyliners designers to help soothe and heal after Vaginal related procedures such as Hydrodistention, Hysterectomy & Childbirth.

COOCHIE Post-op Box

Price: 25.00 USD
Sensitive skin post-op Boxes ! ( these are not that icy cold lavender and mint, these are the sensitive skin soothing mint only pantiliners) great for post-op and postpartum care. Contains 30 COOCHIE Mint Pantyliners ( Sensitive Skin), 10 COOCHIE Wipes & 4 COOCHIE Pelvic Pain Patches !


Price: 15.00 USD
Try me box 30 Sensitive Mint Pantyliners ( NOT Icy Cold COOCHIE Cooling Pantyliners! These are SENSITIVE MINT for post-op) 10 Coochie Cooler Wipes 1 Hemp Lip Balm 1 Buzzin Honey CBD Soaps


Price: 15.00 USD
Try me box! Great for Post-op care 30 Sensitive Mint Pantyliners ( NOT Icy Cold COOCHIE Cooling Pantyliners! These are SENSITIVE MINT for post-op) 10 Coochie Cooler Wipes 1 Hemp lip Balm 2 Asshole Donkey Milk Soaps

Zen Bundle

Price: 6.00 USD
Please note that because of the weight of this bundle there may be additional shipping cost Zen Bundle- 2 CBD Bath Bombs and zen candle!

Chakra Bundle

Price: 6.00 USD
Please note that because of the weight of this bundle there may be additional shipping cost Two CBD bath bombs and chakra candle