"Not THose LIps" Lichens Balm ( sample size )

3.00 USD

Topical balm to help treat Lichens Sclerosis and Vaginal related pain & dryness cause by hormone imbalance . Ingredients: cocoa butter, birch leaf oil, vitamin e, garlic, witch hazel, neem oil, dandelion, oregano, rosemary, aloe vera, patchouli, apple cider vinegar, frankincense, white beeswax, cinnamon bark, licorice bark, spearmint leaf, shatavari root, black pepper, hibiscus flower, coriander seed, fennel seed, ginger root, sarsaparilla root,raspberry leaf, chamomille, orange peel, stevia leaf, nettle leaf, aswagandha and lavender

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apply topically to lower abdomen or inner thigh twice daily