Green Witch Nasal Spray 30ml

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CBD Nasal Spray ( great for seizures , anxiety, depression) 30ml $60 450mg CBD 300 sprays, 1.5mg per spray * this products contains minimal traces of THC PM me to order ( this will not be on the website) Nasal administration is among the most effective due to the nasal cavity’s large surface area and extensive vascularization. Spray device is designed to administer super fine mist—covering more of the highly permeable nasal membrane with active cannabinoids. Leverages purified THC and CBD recombined to create synergistic effects without unwanted plant material or chemicals. Rapid onset of action allows for the spray to take effect in approximately 10 minutes. Delivers effects that last for 1–3 hours. EFFECTIVE DOSING If you’re new to cannabis, start with 1–3 sprays per nostril of Verra Nasal Mist. If you’re more experienced, start with 1spray per nostril, wait 10 minutes then repeat until desired dosage has been achieved in order to prevent excessive drippage. For best results, spray the mist into both nostrils. Ingredients: MCT oil, vitamin E, lavender, jasmine , CBD *this product does contain THC

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