Like A Virgin CBD Oil

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Topical CBD Oil to help with Vaginal dryness, itching and Pain . Would be great for LS

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30ml Coconut Oil, 570mg CBD,Red Clover, Wild Yam,& Evening Primrose helps to combat Vaginal dryness Myrrh - is beneficial for anti - inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal ,hypothyroidism. Helps with diarrhea, dysentery, viral hepatitis, ulcers, expelling mucus, vaginal thrush, menstrual difficulties, stretch marks, cleansing obstructions in the womb, recovery from illness, relieving the itch and irritation of weeping eczema. Also, fungal infection (athlete''s foot, candida, jock itch and ringworm) and hemorrhoids . Beneficial for toning digestive tract reducing stomach gas and acidity. Aromatherapists use it to enhance and strengthen spirituality, purify spiritual environment, prepare for teachings, balances upper and lower chakras, enhances visualization, brings up deep hidden emotions, awaking awareness, fear, overcoming irritability, calming, emotional coldness, soothing, supporting, connecting. CBD for pain relief