Cooling Pantyliners

5.00 USD

Natural Herbal Pantyliners 10ct COOLING PANTYLINERS These are handpacked by me. If you have a problem with this please do not purchase! These herbal infused pantyliners help soothe, nourish and cool the skin! I cannot live without these pantyliners! Great for Vaginal burning caused by IC and odor control! ALOE VERA: Inhibits inflammatory reactions,helps to heal wounds, Maintains moisture
 HERBA MENTHAE: Makes it cool / cool and comfortable, relieves itching, relieves pain 
YIMUCAU: reduce swelling
 And irritation BORNEO CAMPHOR: Reduces pain, Gives a refreshing effect, Anti-Bacterial HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA:Reduces inflammation, Anti-irritation
 Lavender : Adds a pleasant aroma , helps soothe and cool the skin

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